Pod Casts

WPMg uses techniques proven to be successful in facilitating seminars to the universal population. We understand that individuals all learn differently and have different barriers they may need to overcome. These seminars are engaging; creating an atmosphere that is conducive to classroom participation and success. The workshops will provide resourceful tools that will captivate participants.

Resume 101

To potential employers a resume is their first impression of the job seeker. To make a great first impression, we help participants decide the best resume style for their job search. All parts of a resume are explained in detail, and tips for customizing and revising resumes are discussed. Every participant will have the opportunity to develop a resume during class time.Click here to listen.
Job Application 101
Job Applications 101 provides participants with information and an understanding of how potential employers use applications, how applications are arranged, and how they can be used to their advantage. Strategies of how to complete applications and how to honestly answer difficult questions are disused.

Interviewing Techniques

The Interviewing seminar provides an understanding of the interview process. Participants will be introduced to the various types of interviews and their purposes. They will learn important interviewing techniques and strategies to help in the preparation of a successful interview.

Job Search
Job Search seminar participants are provided the skills and methods needed to conduct a successful job search. Participants will be shown job search tools and techniques that will help them organize their efforts, optimize time, and allow them to focus on the job search process.Click here to listen.

Stress Management

The key to successfully managing a major transition in life is to recognize and minimize the stress involved. Transition does not have to be a time of breakdown. It can be a time of initiative and creativity; a person with a positive attitude can turn a loss into a win. The Stress Management workshop supports a positive and hardy response to the realities of life. The course points out the sources of stress and provides excellent insight into healthy ways of responding to life’s challenges.


Financial Management

People preparing for a transition in their livelihood are wise to manage their financial resources carefully. The Financial Management seminar offers practical training in the basics of budgeting, debt management, financial projections, and ways to conserve resources.

Job Readiness

We provide individuals with the necessary tools to excel in the workplace while empowering them to reach for and achieve a responsible and rewarding lifestyle. WPMg’s job readiness programs uses Making Healthy Choices proven curriculum where the focus goes beyond employment topics to develop the “total person” and teaches the individual to better manager their home life and personal finances. This, in turn, promotes employment retention and job satisfaction.