WPMg, Inc. and ADAPT Publishing Company, a Division of Adapt Enterprises, Inc. were created by Melvin Collins, Jr., M.Ed., LPC and Yolanda L. Salazar in 1989. Both are Texas-based entities. Their background consists of over 28 years of experience in counseling, working with disabled workers, administering federal housing programs, training and managing outplacement efforts for companies across the nation.

The collaboration has created over 20 publications, training seminars, and educational material to assist clients with a wide variety of topics. Topics include improving life skills and successfully adjusting to the dynamics of employment and technology.

Our staff consists of licensed professional counselors and trainers. WPMg’s trainers are professional and skilled in their various areas of expertise. Norm Sternfeld, M.A., a graduate of the Saybrook Institute, is the Director of Training and has been working in the field of Human Development for over twenty-five years.



Client Reviews

“WPMg’s case management technique is a matter of record. They were able to serve our Katrina population successfully with a surprisingly small number of staff.”-Executive Director, TX

“Never have I seen so many clients move to action in such a small window of time.”-Executive Director, NC

“Best job search/job-readiness training classes I have ever witnessed.”-Executive Director, TX

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