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Dr. Pepper

Mar 1, 2012 | 0 comments

Dr. Pepper originated in Waco, Texas. Dr Pepper was created around 1885 by a young pharmacist named Charles Alderton. He introduced it to the owner of Morrison’s Old Corner Drug Store. He liked it so they began selling it to a few local customers. After collaborating on the production, Mr. Morrison, being the owner of the drug store, renamed the drink “Dr Pepper.” In the 1950’s, they began having trouble keeping up with manufacturing enough Dr Pepper for their customers.

They collaborated with Robert Lazenby in using his Ginger Ale Company to manufacture the drink. This company later became the Dr Pepper Company. In 1904, Dr Pepper was introduced to 20 million people at the 1904 World’s Fair Exposition in St. Louis. The Dr Pepper Museum opened its door to the public in 1991 where they still sell old-fashioned sodas from a working soda fountain.

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From 1899-1902, the Hutchinson Bottle was used, followed by three versions of a Straight-sided Bottle from 1900-1916. Then from 1916-1957 came the Embossed Contour Bottle followed by the Applied Color Label Bottle from 1957 to Present. Also in 2007, Coca-Cola introduced the Aluminum Contour Bottle still offered today.The Coca-Cola Company began serving a delicious and refreshing sparking beverage 125 years ago in Atlanta, Georgia. With that first moment of refreshment came a thirst for more that continues to this day

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