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May 2014 Magazine

Top 10 Jobs of 2014

By Yolanda L Salazar This article is based on an article by U.S. News of their 100 best jobs selected for 2014. Here I will be providing you with the top 10 Jobs of 2014. If you click on each of the job titles in this article, the link will take you to a full review...

The Graduate Program – Why Should I and How?

By Yolanda L Salazar That is the question on many grad students’ minds! The reasons to go to graduate school are many and varied. Some students want to ensure that they will have higher earning power and others want to enhance their education — two very good reasons....

College Loans Giving You the Blues?

By Melvin Collins, Jr. College loans certainly can be a pain in the side and in the pocketbook, if not handled properly! It’s the college loan that makes students (and parents) worry about their education plan. They have to be aware of how much money it is going to...