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The Perception of Tattoos

By Sharon Rector  The essence of the articles I write deal solely with life lessons, oftentimes my own, but also the life lessons of others. It is said that with age comes wisdom. Hopefully, the tidbit of wisdom I am about to share will help someone to make a...

Crafty Christmas

By Sheena Williams Christmas Gifts that cost very little... So, do you have a lot of people who are looking at you as their Great Santa this year? But not being employed has put you in a gift-giving pinch, right? While the obvious answer would be to politely abstain...

FUN Things To Do in Waco at Christmastime FOR FREE

By Sheena Williams The worst thing about the holidays is not being able to be with the ones you love. The second worst thing about the holidays is not being able to afford to celebrate with them the way you would like to. There are so many things around the holidays...

Is Being Unemployed Making You Just A Little Crazy?

By Yolanda L Salazar Being unemployed is a very stressful thing to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Being unemployed during the holiday season can also add to that stress. We definitely know it is not easy. Not knowing where your money is coming from during the next...

Ethics in the Workplace

By Marissa Maldonado When you get hired and put time into your job, most of us tend to get comfortable with what we say and do in the presence of our co-workers, but can this hinder your career in the long run? Sometimes co-workers become our personal friends which...

Whose Behavior?

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Spanish Stress

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Finance After A Job Loss

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