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Crank Up Your Creativity

Apr 1, 2012 | 2 comments

You not only think outside of the box, you operate to its left. You have always been one to find a way around a problem that no one has ever thought of before. If not, then, it’s a skill you can learn! There are always ways to get something done and with a little practice, you can think creatively as well!

Solve a puzzle.
We at the office know that putting the pieces of anything together doesn’t always mean stress-free. It does, however, force you to look at different shapes and figure out how they go together. Much of problem solving is exactly that. You are fitting different parts to make a cohesive whole and a puzzle forces you to look at objects in a different way — to see how you can best make them fit. This is a soft skill you can take with you anywhere.

Read up on a new subject. Outside of broadening your horizons, it gives you another reference you can mentally pull up when deciding what to do about a problem. So you read an article in a newspaper about how butterflies and birds migrate with a natural GPS system. You’re camping and you get lost, you see a butterfly and remember that they use an innate GPS system to migrate. Wait, you brought your phone and it has a GPS emergency signal; you’re as good as saved! All of this only took your head seconds to process. The mind is constantly pulling references in a “six degree of separation” manner in the heads of creative people. Scary, but effective.

Don’t be afraid to be different.
If you have an idea that is different from ones that others have, just say it! Clearly, the same-old same-old isn’t working. If it was, then you wouldn’t still be searching for an idea. Your idea just might be the one that propels your company into an entirely different and much needed direction. Don’t be afraid. There is nothing that says you can’t speak up. Don’t stifle your creativity, by trying to be like everyone else. There are times to fit in and there are times that you need to break away.

Enjoy yourself.
Most creative people are happy to be creative. They smile and they laugh a lot. For those of us who are not always elbow deep in acrylic paint, we need to find another way of finding out joy. Maybe your joy is to organize bookshelves or organizing the life out of your closet. Whatever it is, just do it! You are more likely to come up with a creative solution when you’re relaxed.

Surround yourself with colors.
You do not have to be rainbow-bright to get the creative benefits of color. Start off small and get a colorful letter opener. Maybe you can get a book of postcards you can thumb through with impressionist paintings.  Does that cup towel have chartreuse oranges on them? Grab it and bake some cookies. These little surprises remind you that there are other ways to do things that you may not have thought of before.

Beef up your sense of adventure.
No, we’re not asking you to go on an African Safari. But perhaps a trip to the library to learn about a foreign country is in order. There’s a new store in town. Check it out! You might see something you never knew you wanted! Take a day trip to the nearest small town or big city. It’s all about expanding your mind and letting the possibilities come to you. And that’s way easier when you are at a new place with new possibilities

Being creative is something that is inside everyone.
If you open yourself up, you can find creative solutions to anything.

And this brings us to our last bit of advice.

Do not be afraid.

You won’t know until you try, and trying is the most important part of the creative solution process. Enjoy life!