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Be Successful At Work

Jul 2, 2012 | 1 comment



Many people are raised to think of work as a four-letter word — literally, a curse we are burdened by and forced to do. However, there are a lot of different ways you can take on the “world of work.” This message is dedicated to giving you an edge, insight and tips to help you succeed at work.

What if work were a part of your life that you loved? Your job could be a way you could make a difference, where you could contribute and where you could blossom. You can make your work, work for you. Your job may call on you to be more than you know yourself to be. You may be challenged, you may be bored, you may like it one day and hate it the next. Your relationship with your job is crucial to where that job will lead you.

The wisest thing you may ever learn is that your job is a training ground, always preparing you for something better. If you make the best from every job, you will be known as someone people want to work with. That is what will get you hired and open doors as far as you want to go. Don’t ever make the mistake that you are working for someone else; always make your work, work for you.

Keeping and being successful on a job requires work on your part. You are putting yourself out there, taking on responsibilities and having to keep it together. Jobs make you be on time and show up and work, even when you don’t feel like it. There are not a lot of jobs for children, but there are for adults. The intention of this article is for you to complete it, ready to keep it and succeed on the job.


We all know why you want a job; you want to make money, right? It’s been said that the only people who work to make money are minters and counterfeiters. If you are going to be successful in any way on a job, it’s got to be about more than the money. Not every job is going to be the job of your dreams, true. But guaranteed, every job will give you a chance to learn and earn. People stay on jobs because the job becomes important to them. So if you’re going to make the very best of your next job, make it important to you. Your job is important, far more than the dollars you earn. Your job is your stand in the world; it is you stepping up and saying you can count on me. At stake are your reputation and your future. Your next job and every job thereafter is a steppingstone to the life of your dreams. Nothing will help you get where you want to go in life than being successful on your job.


The easiest way to stay on a job is to like it. There really are a lot of things that you can find to like about a job. You may enjoy the people you work with, the tasks that you do, the tools and machines you may operate. However, there are going to be some things about any job that you don’t like. Whether you like something or not is always up for upgrading, especially in the “world of work.” If you master the art of liking what you have to do rather than waiting for something you like, you will go far in your work. Jobs call on you to deal with all kinds of things. The person who is the most flexible, most willing and the most productive will be rewarded. Liking a job is something you can bring to work with you; there is an attitude about working and you can create yourself to be a person who likes what you do. You might as well, right, since it’s your job.


Most people really do work because they need the money and the benefits that come with a job. Earning your own living is a responsible satisfying way to go through life. A tip on working for money is to always give more than what is expected. In other words, make it easy for them to pay you more. Some people try to just get by, a lot like we did when we were in school. This quality of the average person will allow you to shine when you truly earn your pay. The average person feels they are paid too little and already work too hard. The superior person knows that the path to riches is paved with honest effort and a willing attitude. Someone, sometime along the way, may try to take advantage of you. Overall, however, you will find that pretty rare. Giving more than is expected will always work, whether it’s working for others or working for yourself. Remember, it’s really the same.


Another thing about working that people enjoy is building relationships with a lot of other people. Often, people at work spend more time together than they do with their own families. It helps if you like the people you work with. Again, liking people is something else that you can bring to work with you. A friendly, helpful attitude is exactly what most employers are looking for in their people. A genuine attitude of liking people will help you get along with customers, coworkers, and bosses. Some of the best and most important relationships you will have will be with your co-workers. A tip worth following: Be great to the people you work with; it will always come back to you ten fold.


Whatever complaints, upsets or frustrations we may have with our jobs, it is always helpful to remember that your job just may be the key to a life that works. If you have ever spent a long time not working, suffering from a lack of money, and getting more depressed day by day, you will find working a job as a more rewarding way to spend your time. Between the pay, the skills, the people and the opportunities that come, it works to work. △


“The secret of happiness is not in

doing what one likes, but in liking

what one has to do.”

James M. Barrie