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So Much Talent

Jul 3, 2012 | 2 comments


There is this belief that everyone who steps foot inside of a workforce center has a problem.  And I don’t mean the problem of finding a job.  I mean the social stigma of receiving a social service of any kind. Though there is no shame in getting help when you need it, the belief that individuals coming out of workforce centers are looking for a handout greatly overshadows the larger group of those who are ready, willing and able to work at the beckon of just a phone call! There is a whole bucket of unexplored talent that walks through those doors every day. They go unnoticed by the public at large due to the stereotypical image imposed by the general populace.

Who comes into our center, you ask? WPMG and CampusJobXpress.com has welcomed Ph.D’s, Carpenters, IT technicians, and dozens of health care professionals! These people have the degrees, licenses, certificates and know-how to get the job needed done quickly and efficiently! Not only are the people at our workforce centers available to work, they want to work. Not only do they want to work, they need very little training. We have machinists who are certified to operate anything put in front of them, programmers who only need to be pointed in the direction of a computer, or office administrators who are ready to come in and organize the daylights out of any office with just a phone  call!

This is what the workforce center is offering — an unlimited supply of awesome workers who just want the opportunity put in front of them. Is there a warehouse that needs to be staffed? There are production workers just an e-mail away. Do  certain positions require someone with a Bachelor’s Degree? There are over 56 degreed displaced workers right now who are ready to get started. If there is a need for an LPC, CNA, DAT’s, Forklift Operators, or even a Sous Chef from Le Cordon Bleu, your local workforce center can help to place these individuals in appropriate jobs! Are there managerial or supervisory positions that need to be filled? There are over 30 candidates to select from who are ready to help any agency or business reach their goal of having a successful hiring event.

Maybe there is a company that wants to meet their workers half way. You want them to be knowledgeable, but able to take direction. Never fear! The workforce center has got you covered. There are hundreds of applicants who have the knowledge, but are willing to be certified with your system. We have many workers who have been functioning in a position for years, but just need that piece of paper or certification to go to the next level. Maybe it’s the other way around; they have the certification and lack the experience. By you hiring them, you are not only getting skilled labor, you are getting someone who is motivated to achieve the goals you’ve set, because it is now their goals as well.

If you have been disillusioned in the past about workers from various centers, we understand, but we are here to tell you that we can connect you with literally hundreds of workers who can fulfill your every work need. We can put you in touch with intelligent hard workers who just want to get up in the morning with a purpose and do the work they were trained to do.

So you have stepped through the workforce center doors and you find that you have a problem? Let us help you solve it with the workers who are ready to take care of it and make you shine! △