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Ten Hints to Writing a Great Cover Letter

Jul 31, 2012 | 0 comments

Ten Hints For Writing A Great Cover Letter

From time to time, it becomes necessary for you to pull out your legal pad or notebook and sharpen up your rusty pencil to produce a much needed cover letter. Sometimes, it helps to write it out in long hand and then transfer it to your computer. Many great authors write this way.

You’ve seen that perfect job you know you are so right for and you want to let that employer know that you exist. You are here, ready for them to hire and place in that made-for-you position. That’s why you need to hone your writing skills and write your cover letter. This is a time for you to introduce yourself and let that employer know a lot more about you and your abilities, skills and experience.

So, pick up that pencil and keep these following hints in mind while you write.

  1. Each letter should be an original; no photocopies, please.

Plain and simple, no copies. It lets the employer know that you are  dedicated to producing a quality product.

  1. Address the employer by name and title. Research names online or call the company directly.

With the ease of technology, it is so easy today to find this type of  information on the internet. It is also helpful to know a little something  about the company.

  1. Your first sentence should capture the attention of the employer. Refer to a mutual friend who referred you for the position. If there is no referral, then start with “Having graduated tenth in my class in the field of Elementary Education, I feel I am the perfect candidate for your position of Coordinator of Children’s Programming with your company.” You want the employer to consider you the right fit. He/she may receive hundreds of cover letters. You need to create enough interest in your opening sentence which will compel the employer to continue reading.

Make your impact on the employer about why you are writing within  your first sentence. Let him/her know that you learned of this position  with the company and your interest in it.

  1. Make your cover letter concise. A cover letter should be one page with three to six paragraphs.

Your letter should be no less than three paragraphs and no more than  six. Don’t make your paragraphs very long either. Keep your letter as  concise as you can but deliver your message as best you can.

  1. The body of your letter should highlight your experience and accomplishments. Focus on the needs of the employer. You want them to believe that hiring you will mean improved services, innovative ideas, greater efficiency or increased productivity.

Include your work experience and accomplishments in this area. Make  sure your skills and abilities match those of the employer.

  1. Your letter should ask for an interview. State how you plant to follow up with the employer.

Make sure that you let the employer know that you are at their disposal.  Let him/her know that you are flexible and can accommodate their time  requirements. If you state that you are going to follow up, do it! This  lets the employer know that you keep your word and you are reliable.

  1. Your closing should briefly summarize the body of the letter. Leave the reader with an important thought to remember you by.

This could be something as simple as expressing how much a part of  their company you would like to be.

  1. Check and re-check your letter for errors. Look closely for mistakes in grammar, punctuation and especially spelling. Have someone else proof-read and critique it for you.

Very Important! Error-free please! Also, check your grammar.

  1. Select quality bond paper for your final copy. The paper you select should coordinate with the paper you use for your resume. Also, use a letter-quality or laser printer and black ink.

Your letter needs to look very professional and neat.

  1. Fold and mail your cover letter and your resume in a matching envelope.

Don’t fold and re-fold and have any creases other than the necessary  two folds to your letter. Also neatly address your envelope, if not typed.

Sample Cover Letter


123 Main Street

Anytown, Texas 78888


Ms. Mary Boss

(TITLE, if known)

123 Business Drive

Anytown, Texas 78888


Dear Ms. Boss:

In the 1st Paragraph, indicate the reason for writing, the specific position for which you are applying and if there is a position opening, the source from which you learned of the job and the date it was posted. If you are inquiring about jobs in general and no opening was advertised, indicate your interest in career opportunities in your field.

I am writing to inquire about your position of Telemarketer listed on your website yesterday. I would like to apply for this position with your company.

In the 2nd Paragraph, mention why you are interested in the position or organization and its products or services. Talk about your related academic or work background as it pertains to the position you are applying. Bring attention to your qualifications, work experience and specific achievements. Mention other things that are not on your resume.

I have ten years experience in the telemarketing field. I have undergone a multitude of training programs with relation to customer service and have a vast knowledge of telemarking techniques. During the past ten years, I have accumulated several awards, certificates and plaques honoring my telemarketing abilities and accomplishments. I will call your office within the week to find out if an interview can be arranged.

In the Final Paragraph, refer the employer to your enclosed resume. You may also mention how an employer can obtain your references or credentials. Mention that you would like to have a personal interview, at their convenience. Indicate your flexibility as to time and location. Re-state your interest and eagerness to meet personally to further discuss the position. Be sure to include your telephone number and mention that you will be calling within 7 to 10 days to inquire about a possible interview. If you indicate that you will call, follow through! Thank the employer for taking time out of his/her busy schedule to read your letter and resume.

Please accept my enclosed resume and it is with great anticipation that I welcome the opportunity to personally discuss my qualifications with you, at your convenience. I am available any time. Please contact me at (317) 555-5555. Again, let me express my anticipation at learning more about your position and the possibility of working for your company. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to review my resume. I look forward to hearing from you.


Veronica Anderson


NOTE: Make every effort to get a specific name. If you absolutely cannot, address your letter to the correct department. If you are unable to get a specific name, do not use “Dear Sir/Madam” or “To Whom It May Concern.” Instead use something like “Dear Employer” or “Director of Human Resources.”


Thank You Letter

The following sample is provided for you to get an idea of how to write the letter to the employer to let him/her know that you appreciate the fact that they met with you. It should be very simple. All you are doing is acknowledging the fact that you are courteous and appreciative of the opportunity to meet with someone regarding a position that meets your qualifications and needs.

Again, keep in mind to use good grammar, check your punctuation and definitely check your spelling. Also, ask someone to review and critique your letter for you. It always helps to have someone else look over your shoulder and possibly, give you some pointers on how your letter can look better or be more effective.

Hope this helps you in your job search efforts. Good Luck!



Sample Thank You Letter

123 Main Street

Anytown, Texas 78888



Ms. Mary Boss

(TITLE, if known)

(COMANY NAME, if known)

123 Business Drive

Anytown, Texas 78888

Dear Ms. Boss:

Thank you for the opportunity to meet with you and discuss the possibility of employment with your firm.

I appreciate all the helpful information you have given me and i welcome the opportunity to put it to use and apply my own experience and techniques in the position of Telemarketer. The firm’s growth and future plans falls right in line with my goals and objectives. I would find it intriguing to be part of such a company.

My references are available and can be contacted at your leisure. Should I be able to provide yo with any further information or if I can answer any other questions for you, please do not hesitate to contact me at (317) 555-5555. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you again for your graciousness and hospitality.


Veronica Anderson

NOTE: Your Thank You Letter does not need to be very long. You are simply thanking the person who interviewed you for the opportunity to acquire a position at their company. Assure them that they can contact your references whenever they wish and be sure to list your telephone number again. If they wish to call you right away, your number is at their fingertips; they donʼt even have to look it up.

It is also correct to use a simple Thank You Notecard. You can still state the above-referenced comments and get the point across.