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Preparing for the Interview

Aug 1, 2012 | 1 comment



It’s a known fact that employers hire people they like, people who they can relate to or who they seem are like them somehow. Because of this, first and foremost, be likable and create a good first impression on your interview. P E O P L E get hired — experience alone does not!

The following list can help you prepare for your interview. Pay close attention and give your best interview.

Place and time of interview: make sure you know it! Try to be there early, about 10-15 minutes early. Next, know your interviewer’s full name (the correct pronunciation as well) and his or her title.


Research the company. Learn everything you can about the company you are trying to get into. Learn its principal line of business, locations and yes, even annual sales revenue.


Envision why the hiring manager or the human resource person is interested in your qualifications.



Plan on how this opportunity could impact your immediate situation as well as your long-term career development. What can it do for your family?


Always remember that an interview is a “two-way street.” Know what questions to ask. Insightful questions help both you and the interviewer to see if your relationship will be mutually rewarding.


Realize that the better you understand the opportunity at hand, the more you will be able to communicate your interest in the position. It will also help you ask better questions with regard to the job.


 Enthusiastic smile and firm handshake are two things with which to greet your interviewer. Always wear proper attire and always, always put your best foot forward!




1. DO plan to arrive on time or even a few minutes early.
  1. DON’T arrive late for a job interview. Late arrivals are never excusable.
2. DO fill out your application neatly and completely. 2. DON’T leave any blank spaces and DON’T rely on your resume to do the selling for you.
3. DO greet the interviewer by his/her name using the correct pronunciation of their name. 3. DON’T mispronounce his/her name. If you are unsure of it, ask the employer to repeat it.
4. DO give the appearance of energy as you walk into the interviewing area. 4. DON’T stroll into the room lazily. Smile! Firm Handshake! Be genuinely glad to be there.
5. DO wait until you are offered a chair before sitting. 5. DON’T just sit down before the interviewer. Sit up straight, be alert and look interested.
6. DO be a good listener as well as a good communicator. 6. DON’T appear bored and disinterested. Pay attention when spoken to and ask questions.
7. DO look a prospective employer in the eye at all times. 7. DON’T look away during a conversation. Maintaining eye contact shows confidence.
8. DO follow the interviewer’s leads. 8. DON’T go off on your own tangent.
9. DO make sure that your good points come across to the interviewer in a factual, sincere manner. 9. DON’T come across as egotistical, but do stress your experience, skills, abilities and achievements.
10. DO always conduct yourself as if you are determined to get the job you are discussing. 10. DON’T underestimate yourself. Never close the door on opportunity.
11. DO show enthusiasm. 11. DON’T appear blasé, nonchalant or bored.
12. DO bring along at least 2-3 copies of your resume. 12. DON’T forget to bring your resume in a neat and presentable manner.
13. DO politely refuse an offer of a cigarette. 13. DON’T smoke, even if the interviewer does and by no means, DO NOT chew gum!
14. DO explain, whenever possible, any questions asked of you. 14. DON’T respond with a simple yes or no. Give a good answer without going overboard.
15. DO tell the truth. 15. DON’T lie. Be truthful and frank.
16. DO be considerate of past or present employers. 16. DON’T make derogatory remarks of past employers. Not a good idea!
17. DO answer questions politely and completely. 17. DON’T over-answer. Stay away from politics or controversial issues.
18. DO keep questions about salary and vacations to yourself. 18. DON’T inquire about salary, vacation, bonuses, etc. on the initial interview.

This next chart is just a brief reminder of Dressing For Success!

Women Men
Conservative dress or suit If wearing suit, choose navy, gray or charcoal.
Avoid open-toe or sling back shoes Black leather shoes, polished please!
Conservative jewelry and perfume Minimal jewelry and minimal cologne
Hair neatly combed and not hanging in face Conservative haircut

Now, it is time to check yourself and give yourself the once over right before your interview.


1. How is my physical appearance?  
2. How self-assured and confident do I seem?  
3. Can I communicate effectively during my interview?  
4. Can I represent a return on my employer’s total investment in my pay and benefits if I am hired?  
5. What are some specific examples of my achievements at work?  
6. How much knowledge of the industry do I have?  
7. How much do I know about my potential employer’s company?  
8. Can I demonstrate with concrete examples my maturity and readiness to take on this responsibility?  
9. Do I have the desire and enthusiasm to learn and grow with this company?  
10. Am I exhibiting a positive attitude toward management and co-workers?  
11. Am I demonstrating enough commitment and involvement in doing more than the job requires?  
12. Do I understand the technical language and practices of the industry?  



I hope these tips help you in the preparation of your interview.


Check next month and we will discuss the actual interview process itself and things to remember. Also watch for tips on the particular closing of the interview. △