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Tattoos And You

Aug 1, 2013 | 2 comments

By Sheena Williams

There are many reasons people get tattoos. This article is not an attempt to tell you if you should or should not get a tattoo. This article is not an admonishment of getting one, or whether it was right or wrong for you to get one. This article is assuming that we are past that point. You got one, and now, you need to know how to cover it up. Regardless of how you feel about tattoos, their use, or decoration of your feelings, sometimes they need to be hidden. Getting a tattoo is a deeply personal choice. However, keep in mind that for some, getting tattoos was not a choice, it was a way for survival. Some live in a conservative area and will, from time to time, need to dress up, or hide your ink. Below are some suggestions to help you out!

First off, I will give you a brief explanation of what a tattoo is. A tattoo is a type of body modification where indelible ink is put into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment. There are normally two ways to hide a tattoo when you are working. One is with clothing and the other is with makeup. Both ways have their pros and cons, so we’ll go through both. Then, there are some non-traditional ways that we will touch on briefly.


Ways to hide tattoos with clothing include, but are not limited to, wearing long sleeves over full arm tattoos, wearing slacks to hide leg tattoos, or using an extra shirt to hide tattoos under sheer tops. You can also wear long skirts that hide tattoos around your legs or upper thighs. Maybe you could wear large watches or bracelets to cover wrist tattoos.


  1. You can hide the tattoos without the process being messy.
  2. Inexpensive, chances are you already own enough clothes to successfully cover them.
  3. Convenient, it doesn’t take a lot of time to put on an extra shirt.


  1. It’s going to be warm and summer comes pretty fast when you’re wearing extra layers of clothing.
  2. It may feel restricting and you may have a job where you need to move around freely.
  3. Jewelry and such may not be allowed, depending on what type of job you have.


DER009_lMake-up can cover a lot of things, i.e., acne, scars from burns, and even facial tattoos. You can go to a department store and buy make-up, such as Derma Blend, that was created specifically for covering tattoos on your face and other body parts. Or, you can go to your local drug store and purchase a few products in your shade and follow these steps. (Please make sure that your tattoo is fully healed before doing this!)

  1. Using a concealer that is a few shades lighter than your skin tone, cover the tattoo completely. Allow the concealer to dry.
  2. Using a foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly, apply a few coats of it until you have covered the light concealer. Allow the foundation to dry after each application.
  3. Finish by applying a matte powder over the top of the foundation. Make sure that the powder matches your skin tone as well.
  4. Allow the area to dry before touching it or attempting to cover it with clothing.


  1. It’s cooler than wearing a lot of clothing.
  2. It’s non-restrictive, the make-up rests on your skin so there is nothing to snag or bunch up.
  3. There aren’t many work restrictions on wearing make-up in the workplace.
  4. If done properly, it’s unnoticeable by most.


  1. You have to make sure that you are not allergic to certain types of make-up or have sensitive skin, so be careful.
  2. It’s not convenient. To do the job correctly, take a few minutes until you get used to doing it in the morning.
  3. For those not used to wearing make-up, you will know you’re wearing make-up, so it will feel odd at first.
  4. It may stain your clothing, if you do not let it dry properly.
  5. Sweating is a fact of life. Try to get make-up that is waterproof.

Now, there are some non-traditional ways of covering up tattoos that we haven’t mentioned yet that may also help you when covering your tattoo.

band-aidBand-Aids: Cloth, adhesive, or patches. All of these come in a variety of shapes and sizes or can be cut to the size you need. They also come in flesh tones that can blend in with your skin.

Arm Sleeves: You can by sleeves specifically made to look like skin that will cover up your tattoos.

Spirit Gum and Liquid Latex: This could probably go into the make-up category, but I put it here due to its availability in certain areas. The same items you pick up during Halloween to achieve those monster effects can also be used to cover up your tattoo. It’s also cheaper to buy around the holidays. So, if you get the chance, it might not hurt to stock up on theatrical make-up during that time of the year. It’s better then regular drugstore make-up, but much less expensive than the stuff you will buy at a department store. It can also be shaded to match your skin and it helps with those tattoos that are slightly raised off your skin.


These options aren’t hot and can be used all year long.

There is nothing that will feel restricting when you wear them.

Most workplaces have no problems with any of these methods.


Availability: in some cases, you may have to wait for a yearly event or order online, if you don’t live in a major city.

Expense: If you put a name on something, it can raise the price tag. Shop around, if you feel the need.

They may take some getting used to when you first start wearing them.

cover-up-removal-tatooRegardless of how or why your got your tattoo, we hope we have given you some options that will help you cover them, when it is necessary. △