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The Class — Making Healthy Choices

Sep 30, 2013 | 0 comments

Excerpt From Making Healthy Choices Workbook

The Making Healthy Choices Class is a wonderful and amazing personal development adventure. The wisdom students have gained here is not available in too many places. These classes are not usually taught in schools. Education and coaching of this type can be very expensive in the corporate world. This class can and has changed students’ lives. Since its inception, this class has proven an 80% participation rate.

The Making Healthy Choices Program is the beginning of a wonderful new opportunity. Whatever the background or the circumstances of the student, they definitely have found that this program gives them more power and freedom in creating the life they want to have for themselves and their families. Their future is wide open; all kinds of possibilities are ahead for them. The greatest thing a student can do for themselves is to learn everything they can about winning in life. That’s what this course teaches, how to win at life. A student has everything they need, they are smart enough, they have the energy, they have the time, and they already know a lot. This is when we take them to the next level.

The Goals of the Making Healthy Choices Program

goals The top ten goals that this program has offered an individual:

  1. Personal Power – Individuals have improved in their ability to make their life happen, to get things done, to take control of their situation and in creating the lives they want.
  2. Freedom – Individuals have the chance to free themselves of past burdens and constraints, free to be themselves, and free to choose the life they want for themselves and their families.
  3. Expressing Themselves – Individuals have vastly improved in their ability to speak up for themselves, to be heard, and to use their words to make good things happen.
  4. Earning a Living – Individuals have learned skills to improve their abilities to find a job, keep a job, and to succeed in their chosen field of work.
  5. Getting Along With People – Participants have improved their relationship skills with the people in their lives who matter, their family, friends and co-workers.
  6. Health and Well-Being – Participants have learned to take better care of themselves and their families so that they can be healthier, feel better and have more energy.
  7. Managing Stress – Participants have learned to better manage hard times, upsets, set backs, fears and frustrations with more grace, ease, and understanding.
  8. Confidence and Self-Esteem – Participants have upgraded and improved their sense of who they are, appreciation of their strengths and their ideas of what is possible for them in their lives.
  9. Happiness and Satisfaction in Their Lives – Participants have become  happier people, more satisfied, more optimistic, enjoying their lives more as they take on the challenges of the future.
  10. Loving Their Lives – Individuals have the opportunity to turn the moments that are their life into ones that they love, with an appreciation and enjoyment of playing the game.

There are many other places an individual might be and many other things they could be doing other than being in this program. Many people take part in a program such as this because they are required or “forced” to participate. This is a tough way to begin this program. No one likes to be forced to take a class. Some of these individuals may have taken similar classes in the past and might feel that they do not need another one. Whether they are in the Making Healthy Choices Class by choice or are required to attend, they still can choose to get everything they can from the program.

Recommendations For Getting The Most From the Making Healthy Choices Program

Of all the many ways a person can do this program, we have found the best way to get the most out of the program and for participants to have the best time is for them to choose for themselves to be in the class for them and for their future. Where a person comes from will be the most important factor in how much they get from this program. They can come from, “I don’t want to” or “ I already know all this” and they may receive very little compared to the person sitting next to them. The best place to come from is being hungry for the information, ideas, and coaching available here. Other great places to come from include being determined to get everything they can from every class, being appreciative of the value of the instructors and the workbook, and committed to putting the course to good use in their lives.

Recommended Guidelines for Students Participating in the Programadapt11

  1. Attend every session from start to finish.
  2. Be on time for the start of every session as well as back from breaks and lunch. Treat the classes as if they are on a job.
  3. Participate fully in the discussions and sharing that the program raises.
  4. Do not engage in side conversations or other behaviors that either distract them or others from getting the program.
  5. Do all assigned readings, exercises, and homework as completely and fully as they can.
  6. Respect the privacy and feelings of every other person in the group, no gossiping or disrespecting any person in the program. They need to make this a safe space for all that are in the class.
  7. Create as much value as they can for themselves from every session. Use what they learn.
  8. Have fun. This program is meant to be educational and enjoyable, it’s up to the individual.


All participants of the Making Healthy Choices Program are asked to create a one-minute video resume of themselves for the purpose of posting on the CampusJobXpress website for employers to view. This one-minute video allows for the participant to speak on their own behalf. They talk a little about themselves and a lot about what they can do and what qualifications and experience they have behind them. The video resume is a small part of this class, however, the students feel that it is a major accomplishment for them.

This video is posted on their personal web page on CampusJobXpress.com. Employers can be directed to view their video resume when they apply for jobs or when they are in an interview with a company. Employers are provided with a special sign-in code for them to access the applicant’s resume, summary of qualifications as well as the video resume. This has proven to be a beneficial tool for the employer. It allows the employer a chance to not only view an applicant’s  resume in print, but also, to view the actual applicant speaking to them about their background and qualifications. The employer is able to see the personality of the person he is trying to hire, before he hires them. It also saves the employer time and money. It allows the applicant to make themselves more visible to more employers. Everyone wins! △